This is me…

My career goal is to combine my passion for the agricultural industry with my expertise in communications. I strive to use my skill set to improve an industry that means so much to me. Growing up on a farm and in the agricultural community has helped shape my core morals and values. My attributes of responsibility, adaptability, and work ethic were welded on at a young age while growing up in agriculture. 

I am a proud alumna of Oklahoma State University, I earned my master’s in agricultural communications in July 2014 and my bachelor’s in animal science with an emphasis in livestock merchandising in August 2012. Through my coursework I discovered my talents in writing, graphic design, and photography. To enhance my craft I obtained multiple jobs and leadership positions while in school and gained various freelance opportunities. My interests are broad; I held roles in various aspects to continue to build my portfolio. During my graduate schoolwork, I focused on the importance and significance of incorporating research into a business plan. 

I am thankful for all the opportunities I have had and everyone who has helped me along the way. I look forward to obtaining a fulfilling profession where I am able to grow and make a difference.

I hope you enjoy my work samples. I take pride in producing them. I welcome you to visit my business website for additional examples, If you have any questions, please contact me at 302-632-3079, I would enjoy speaking with you.

Warm Regards,