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In 2014 I started Powerful Dezigns, LLC. I absolutely love capturing special moments through my lens for others to cherish forever. I also offer other marketing/communications services...during college it finally clicked that I can make my passion for designing things into a career! Ha who would have thought!

Are you curious about my business name? It was a long time in the making. The list of name ideas on my phone notes was endless. I did not want to make the business name my name because at the time I was pretty excited about marrying my love, Spencer, which would create a last name change. BUT, who would pass up the opportunity to use Powers, it is a pretty cool last name and I am not just making an Austin Powers reference here. I wanted something with an impact, and this is where Powerful came from, it means bold but also uses my last name! For the second part of the name, I didn't want it to just be photography because the other services I offer, and thanks to an awesome friend, she gave me the idea to use a 'z' in dezigns...plus it makes a pretty cool logo. My logo is a 'P' and a 'D" in one, then the 'z' is used as a lighting bolt shape to not only represent the uniqueness of my name, but also lighting is a symbol of power and flash used in photography!


My name is Katie (Powers) McGuire. I am a native of Townsend, Delaware, and I now reside in Ringling, Oklahoma. I made the 1,400-mile trip in 2008 to attend Oklahoma State University (GO POKES!!!!). I earned my master's in agricultural communications and my bachelor’s in animal science with an emphasis in livestock merchandising.

You could say my love for the livestock industry has been present since birth. I grew up on a diversified livestock farm raising sheep, cattle, and hogs. While growing up, my brother and I showed sheep on a national level. After we both went to college, my family took the consumer meat sales full-force. They now sell meat products and farm-fresh brown eggs to restaurants and at farmer's markets and grocery stores across the Delmarva area [that stands for Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia for all my Okies ;) ]. Now my husband and I have a showpig operation, McGuire Livestock...hence the name doesn't say just show pigs, that is because I can not wait for the day I have a few bad ass ewes, even if Spencer doesn't want sheep! To add to my love for animals, I am a proud owner of an Australian Shepherd, Deets, and an English Bulldog, Opal Pearl.

Through my business I am able to not only photograph livestock and various animals with my clients, but I can also focus on my passion for high-end photography.

I hope you enjoy my work displayed here, I take pride in producing it all. If you have any questions, please contact me, I would love to chat!